Valley Spirit Traditional Medicine

Medicine for Harmony, Vitality and Illumination

Classical Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

The valley spirit not dying
is called the mysterious female.
The opening of the mysterious female
is called the root of heaven and earth.
Continuous, on the brink of existence,
to put it into practice, don't try to force it."
-  Tao Te Ching 6 (Trans. Thomas Cleary)







Yvette Koch is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine with NCCAOM board certification. She received her Master’s degree from the New England School of Acupuncture in 2009, and has worked in the field of women’s sexual and reproductive justice and health care since 1999. Yvette has served as the Board Chair of the RI Society for Acupuncture (RISA) since 2014. In addition, she holds a Master’s degree in American Civilization from Brown University, where she studied both historical and philosophical perspectives on medicine and embodiment.  She believes that the practice of East Asian Medicine, a truly holistic medical system, provides her patients with the capacity for growth and self-understanding. As a practitioner, Yvette uses her skills, training and intuition to help her patients identify their personal health goals as they transform their health and heal from illness, injury or chronic pain. She brings a deep practical and philosophical commitment to women’s health and empowerment to both her practice and her patients.



Jessica Barletta is a deeply kind and generous massage therapist with a strong commitment to her clients' capacities for healing. She has been in practice for 15 years,and has practiced in RI and San Diego, CA. Before returning to private practice, Jessica worked full-time as a lymphadema therapist at the Integrative Care Center in Women and Infants Hospital (2005-2017), where she developed her skills and broad knowledge in supportive women's oncology care. At present, Jessica is the only trained Arvigo Abdominal Massage practitioner in RI, and focuses this practice on caring for fertility and gynecological issues, digestive complaints and a range of complex health concerns.





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To speak with Jessica Barletta, LMT, please call her at (401) 286-3944.

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